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The dance sector in this country is vibrant and growing, with Australian dancers and choreographers having established fine reputations all over the world. There are over 50 dance companies and more than 200 choreographers taking dance into new territory through exciting collaborations.

We have compiled this list of companies and groups who are our members, partners, colleagues and clients, but it is continuously changing and growing. Please contact Ausdance National if any of your details are incorrect.

Some of the companies are funded by the Australia Council and state and territory governments as key organisations, some are funded by the Major Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council, and others operate as project groups. We have also included youth dance companies and organisations such as STRUT Dance, Dancehouse and Critical Path that support independent practice.

Independent or freelance artists are not listed individually. Your state Ausdance will help connect you with your local independent artists.


Bangarra Dance Theatre
Stephen Page (AD) Philippe Magid (Exec.Dir)

Critical Path
Claire Hicks (Dir)

De Quincey Co
Tess de Quincey (AD)

Jose Calarco (Director)

Anthea Doropoulos & Sarah Fiddaman (Directors)

fLiNG Physical Theatre
Rob  McCredie and Gabrielle Rose (co-artistic directors)

Fondue Set, The
Emma Saunders, Elizabeth Ryan & Jane McKernan

Force Majeure
Danielle Micich (AD)

Form Dance Projects
Annette McLernon (Director)

Limitless Dance Company
Mitchell Turnbull (AD)

Lingalayam Dance Company
Anandavalli (AD)

Rachael Swain & Dalisa Pigram (ADs)

Mirramu Creative Arts Centre
Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM (AD)

M & T In Motion
Jennifer Ballard (Producer) Tim Podesta (AD)

Shaun Parker & Company
Shaun Parker (AD)

Sue Healey Company

Sydney Dance Company
Rafael Bonachela (AD) Anne Dunn (ED)


Gary Lang NT Dance Company
Gary Lang (AD)

Sunameke Pacific Island Dance Company
Julia Mage'au Gray (AD)

Tracks Dance Company
David McMicken & Tim Newth (Co-Directors)


Merindah Donnelly (Exec.Producer)

Bone Map
Rebbecca Youdell & Russell Milledge (ADs)

Kyle Page (AD)

Expressions Dance Company
Natalie Weir (AD) 

James Cunningham & Suzon Fuks (AD)


Queensland Ballet
Li Cunxin (AD) Anna Marsden (CEO)

Raw Dance Company
Jessica Chambers (GM) Andrew Fee (Creative Prod/Dir.)

Ballet Theatre of Queensland


Australian Dance Theatre
Garry Stewart (AD) Shaun Comerford (Exec.Dir)

Kurruru Youth Performing Arts Inc.

Leigh Warren & Dancers
Daniel Jaber (AD)

Move Through Life
Jo McDonald (Founder & secretary)

Katrina Lazaroff (AD)

Restless Dance Theatre
Ros Hervey (AD)


DRILL Performance Company
Joshua Lowe (AD)

Mature Artists Dance Experience

Caitlin Comerford (AD)

Felicity Bott (AD)


Australian Ballet, The
David McAllister AM (AD)

Chunky Move
Anouk Van Dijk (AD)

Angela Conquet (AD/CEO)

Kage Physical Theatre
Kate Denborough & Gerard Van Dyck (ADs)

Lucy Guerin Inc.
Lucy Guerin (AD)

Melbourne Ballet Company
Alisa Finney (AD)

Melbourne City Ballet
Michael Pappalardo (AD)

Phillip Adams Ballet Lab
Phillip Adams (AD)

Transit Dance Company
Paul Malek (AD)

Tony Yap Company
Tony Yap (AD) Kath Papas (Producer)

Vertical Shadows
Stephen Agisilaou (AD)

Victorian State Ballet
Martin & Michelle Sierra (Directors)

Yellow Wheel
Adam Wheeler (AD) Joshua Lowe (Producer)


Anything is Valid Dance Theatre
Serena Chalker (Director)

Buzz Dance Theatre
(merged with STEPS to form Co3, Jan 2015)

Raewyn Hill (AD)

Danza Viva
Deanna Blacher (AD)

Ochre Contemporary Dance Company
Louise Howden-Smith (Founding Director)

Paul Selwyn Norton (Director)

West Australian Ballet
Aurelian Scannella (AD) Steven Roth (Exec.Dir)


Australian Dance Party
Alison Plevey (AD)

QL2 Dance
Ruth Osborne (AD) Gary Barnes (GM)

Canberra Dance Theatre
Jacqui Simmonds (​Artistic Coordinator), Neil Roach (Business Manager)

Want more information?

The National Library of Australia's Trove is an excellent source of information, with hundreds of biographies, photographs, press articles and oral histories of Australian dance artists and companies.