Safe Dance report 3

The findings of this research indicate a picture of improved dancer's health. As in any athletic activity, there will be injuries, but this study shows that improvements in injury prevention and management can be, and are being, made.


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Safe Dance IV—Investigating injuries in Australia’s professional dancers

The 4th Safe Dance® project, Safe Dance IV—Investigating injuries in Australia’s professional dancers, is about to be launched by the University of Sydney and Ausdance. This national survey of all professional dancers in Australia is being conducted by Amy Vassallo, a PhD candidate, and her supervisors Dr Claire Hiller, A/Prof Evangelos Pappas and A/Prof Emmanuel Stamatakis. It has been developed based on previous national and international dance injury studies, a comprehensive review of relevant literature in the field of sport medicine and epidemiological research and expert advice from the local dance community.


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Fantastic news that Amy and the team at the University of Sydney are again taking this important snapshot of injury incidence in Australia’s professional dance population. All the best Amy, Debra