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There are many private studios and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offering nationally recognised qualifications for dance professionals, from Certificates and Diplomas to Bachelor, Honours and postgraduate degrees, including PhDs.

Dance magazines such as Dance Australia and Dancetrain, Lowdown (youth performing arts) and DanceInforma (online) have excellent education and training listings for dance training courses offering various levels of qualification.

If you want to get a degree or advanced diploma (either in performance or teaching) you should know about the Tertiary Dance Council of Australia (TDCA). This group (listed below) offers full-time, specialist, post-secondary dance courses staffed by former artistic directors, choreographers, dancers and lecturers who train Australia's best dancers, share information and resources.

The TDCA remains industry relevant by meeting regularly and facilitating the Options Tertiary Dance Festival every second year for their students.

Adelaide College of the Arts—Dance

Adelaide College of the Arts offers performance-based acting and dance courses in a modern facility that includes purpose-built theatres, rehearsal spaces and production studios. The college caters to students who wish to pursue careers as dancers or actors, or behind the scenes in stage, venue and event management.


  • Bachelor of Dance Performance

(The) Australian Ballet School

The ABS offers an exciting, unique and creatively driven eight-year classical ballet program that provides the very best in vocational and educational training. The holistic approach makes sure that all students have a broad-based, comprehensive education, which equips them to pursue vocations, not only in dance and the allied arts, but in areas outside dance. The ABS produces high calibre dancers for our parent company, The Australian Ballet and ballet companies all around the world.


  • Diploma of Dance
  • Advanced Diploma of Dance
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma in Classical Ballet
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Elite Dance Instruction

Australian College of Physical Education

ACPE is the sports and dance specialist with partnerships with government and private sector organisations that can lead to outstanding workplace opportunities. The College’s bachelor degrees are designed to launch careers in sports and dance, and to target students' particular area of interest. ACPE takes a 'hands on approach'—nothing beats putting theoretical knowledge into practical action. Students will have access to an excellent blend of quality academics and industry professionals.


  • Bachelor of Applied Dance
  • Bachelor of Dance Education

Box Hill Institute—Centre for Performing Arts

Designed for dancers who are seeking teaching qualifications, the courses at Box Hill TAFE aim to promote the highest teaching standards and safe dance practices. Students will gain a thorough introduction to the practice of teaching in dance studios, the principles of business management and promotion, and the elements of safe dance, including anatomy and physiology. Technique classes have a ballet focus but do include various other genres, including jazz, character and contemporary.


  • Diploma of Dance Teaching & Management

Deakin University

Dance at Deakin is focused on developing students' physical, creative and intellectual skills, resources and capacities through study and practice in the art of contemporary dance. Deakin graduates are self-motivated dance-makers and are well known in the industry as initiators of independent projects particularly working across disciplines.


  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance)
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts

Macquarie University

Macquarie is one of Australia's leading research universities, investing heavily in research, learning and teaching, new buildings, new teaching facilities and in developing mutually beneficial relationships with industry. Macquarie's commercial agreements include obligations and responsibilities that tenants serve the research and teaching objectives of Macquarie, including through scholarships and work experience for students, research opportunities for staff, and new facilities for teaching and research.


  • Bachelor of Arts with a major in Dance and Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Dance and Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Education (Primary) with a major in Dance and Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws with a major in Dance and Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Science with a major in Dance and Performance
  • Bachelor of Arts with Diploma of Education with a major in Dance and Performance 

NAISDA College

Australia’s national tertiary Indigenous dance training organisation, NAISDA is a member of the Australian Roundtable for Arts Training Excellence and is an ASQA-registered training organisation. NAISDA provides ground-breaking delivery of a four year full-time Careers in Dance curriculum to Diploma level developed over its 36 year history. Central to the NAISDA philosophy is its relationship with traditional communities and its cultural residency program. Training at NAISDA is dynamic and relevant to the Developing Artists, with state of the art facilities and highly experienced staff creating solid career pathways for the next generation of Indigenous artists.


  • Cert ll in Careers in Dance
  • Cert lll in Careers in Dance
  • Cert lV in Professional Dance Performance
  • Diploma of Professional Dance Performance

Queensland University of Technology—Creative Industries

QUT Dance is situated in one of the fastest-growing creative hubs for innovative, technologically advanced, internationally recognised creative industries. Its dance courses provide students with the opportunity to be at the forefront of the dance industry. Whether you're an aspiring dance performer, educator, choreographer, or an established professional, QUT's dance courses offer a range of diverse and engaging pathways. The QUT Dance teaching team have real-world experience gained from careers in Australia and internationally, and include an extensive range of dance practices. They are committed to providing a nurturing and empowering environment where students are trained to expand their talent.



  • Bachelor of Creative Industries (Dance Studies Major or Minor)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)


  • Bachelor of Creative Industries (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)
  • Master of Fine Arts (Research)
  • Master of Arts (Research)
  • Doctor of Creative Industries
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Victoria University of Technology

Victoria University (VU) is a multi-sector institution (higher education and TAFE) offering short courses as well as qualifications in vocational education and higher education. The Performance Studies specialisation provides a foundation in the production and analysis of innovative, cross-disciplinary performance. It aims to produce autonomous thinkers, makers and performers who can combine theoretical and bodily practices. Students develop skills in composition through studio-based practice focusing on improvisation, voice and movement.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Liberal Arts
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) (Secondary)
  • Master of Education (VET)
  • Master of Arts (multimedia)

Victorian College of the Arts—School of Dance

This vibrant and innovative school honours both traditional convention and contemporary development in the performing arts and emphasises automomous artistic development within a highly collaborative, ensemble environment. Dance attracts highly motivated, disciplined and creative people who are interested in shaping the future of the profession. VCA encourages cultural diversity and provides a creative, committed environment of learning. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s cultural precinct, the VCA School of Performing Arts has strong links with the local and national performance community, giving students career-defining access to leaders in all fields.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)(Honours)
  • Master of Choreography
  • Master of Fine Arts (Dance) (by research)

Western Australia Academy of Performing @ ECU

WAAPA at Edith Cowan University provides the most comprehensive range of performing arts training in Australia and students can choose from a range of internationally recognised courses. World-class staff working in state-of-the-art performance and teaching facilities provide rigorous and specialised training of the highest order. The Dance Department prepares classical and contemporary artists of international standing through teaching methods designed to hone and refine the skills of each individual.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Dance)
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (Dance)
  • Certificate ll Dance