2016 Australian Dance Awards performance program

Ochre Contemporary Dance Company


Kaya (Hello) amalgamates a variety of Indigenous dance cultures (Nyoongar, Wongi and Bundjulung) with world-dance techniques (Indian, Maori, Western contemporary and classical) in a unique fusion of dynamic dance and music that vividly portrays the excitement and danger of our modern cultural mix. The work celebrates the world’s oldest living cultures and examines the danger and benefits of cross-cultural clash and collaboration. It recognises our urgent need for mutual respect and understanding. Choreographed by the dancers, and devised through intense dramaturgy and improvisation, the work was created while in residence in Bunbury (BREC). It now tours to Kalgoorlie and remote Tjuntjunjara for further development before returning to Perth for a season at the Dolphin Theatre (13—23 October 2016). http://www.ochredance.org



the cry

Co3’s stunning new work, the cry, is a visceral and powerful dance piece that explores the highs and lows of human existence. Created by Co3’s founding Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill, and featuring the extraordinary Co3 dancers, the cry slowly unfolds the inner landscape of ordinary lives, where characters collide, reconcile and gather strength in situations requiring recovery and survival. Showcasing Hill’s unique movement language, and set against a stark and clinical backdrop, the cry premiered at the 2016 MoveMe Festival and is invigorated by a newly commissioned score played live on stage by international musician and composer Eden Mulholland (NZ).

Force Majeure

Never did me any harm (an excerpt)

Performers: Kristina Chan, Joshua Mu

Award-winning Australian director and choreographer Kate Champion and dance theatre company Force Majeure present a riveting dissection of what it means to be a parent in Australia today. Using a distinctive language of dance, images and text, Never Did Me Any Harm is an emotional, humorous and insightful work that cannot fail to resonate with all who were once children. The production is currently on a national tour from August to October. For tour details visit forcemajeure.com.au

K2 Dance Company

The Coven (an extract)

Performers: Noa Gubbay, Harriet Mactier, Martha McKenzie, Lily Gherbaz, Lily Gubbay, Stephanie Lade, Ruby DeMarte, Indiana Marusco, Renya Golestani, Emmerson Turner, Jaime Thomas, Nina Willoughby, Arina Nazarenko, Liv Piva, Olga Nazarenko, Ruby Hart, Isabella Taylor.

Originally choreographed by Tyrone Robinson for ‘Lineage’ K2Dance 2016 Showcase, this Hip Hop performance is inspired by the third season of American Horror Story: Coven. In every coven of witches, a new generation brings about a new ‘supreme’ witch. The young witches must complete great feats of magic and show off their skills to prove who has the power to be the next ‘supreme’. This dance work is performed by a selection of K2Dance students representing youth in West Australian dance.


Plain English (an excerpt)

Plain English was commissioned and premiered by Tasdance in May 2016. Choreography, Liesel Zink; lighting design, Darren Willmott; dramaturgy, Martyn Coutts; sound design, Mike Willmett; performer, Robert Tinning.      

Plain English was made in collaboration with dramaturg Martyn Coutts and the Tasdance dancers. The work puts a microscope on the way politicians speak in our current political climate and deconstructs recent interviews and speeches from Australian politicians, using their rhythm, patterns, slogans and stutters to build a choreographic vocabulary that takes on a life of its own. What began to emerge was the symbiotic relationship between politicians and the media, causing us to question: In this mass and mess of media, debate, ratings and polls, is there any room to have an authentic conversation about something meaningful?

Lucy Guerin Inc

Motion Picture (an excerpt)

A Lucy Guerin Inc production choreographed by Lucy Guerin, featuring original cast members Lilian Steiner and Kyle Page.

Lucy Guerin Inc’s Motion Picture takes the 1950 film noir classic D.O.A. as a choreographic score to explore the tensions between live performance and cinema. Motion Picture premiered at Arts House, Melbourne during Dance Massive in March 2015 and is Lucy Guerin’s eleventh full-length work for her Melbourne-based company. It is now scheduled to tour in January 2017 to Theatre de la Ville in Paris and other venues in France and Belgium. This excerpt from the show details a short solo and duet danced by original cast members Lilian Steiner and Kyle Page.

West Australian Ballet

Radio & Juliet (an extract)

Performers: Brooke Widdison-Jacobs, Oliver Edwardson, Liam Green, Christopher Hill, Matthew Lehmann, Christian Luck, Alessio Scognamiglio

It’s the modern age. Leaving the fateful tomb after waking next to her Romeo, Juliet remembers her life in flashbacks and recalls the events that led her to such a fateful moment—the familiar tale of Montagues and Capulets, fights and forbidden love.  

Edward Clug’s alternative spin on this Shakespearean classic is hard-hitting and contemporary. The robust and intricate choreography, paired with the distinct sounds of Radiohead, makes for an overt, introspective journey through the psyche of modern day Juliet.  

“White hot in a way Shakespeare could never have imagined” —Pittsburg Post-Gazette


Decadance Perth 2016 (an excerpt)

Performers: Alexander Perrozzi, Asher Bowen-Sanders,  Dean Lincoln, Harrison Ritchie-Jones,  Jack Ziesing, Jessica Goodfellow, Linton Aberle, May Greenberg, Michael Smith, Natalie Allen, Olympia Kotopoulos, Patrick Weir, Robert Tinning, Viola Lida, Yilin Kong, Zoe Wozniak

STRUT Dance is the National Choreographic Centre based in Perth WA. STRUT provides internationally benchmarked training, collaboration and development opportunities for Australian independent dance artists. Usually quarantined to major dance organisations, these programs are now available to the independent sector exclusively through STRUT. Since 2014 Gaga, Ohad Naharin’s Movement Language, has been central to STRUT’s program with dance artists from all over Australia participating in our biennial workshops. This has culminated in Ohad Naharin offering Decadance Perth 2016 as a choreographic model of excellence to 16 of those exceptional artists who have been researching Gaga over the past three years.


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