Free showing Force Majeure’s ‘You Animal, You’ Sydney Festival 14 Jan 2017

Performer Ghenoa Gela holds hands in front of facePerformer: Ghenoa Gela. Photo: Ashely de Prazer

A chance to see into the process of making a new work, this showing of You Animal, You, Force Majeure’s new dance theatre work explores the most ‘animal’ of the human senses—smell.

Directed by Artistic Director Danielle Micich, five diverse performers tell stories from personal experience, asking how we behave in response to our own smell, and to the smell of others. Using Force Majeure's unique synthesis of movement, storytelling and text, the work draws the audience into a sensory world as it asks challenging and confronting questions about gender, ethnicity, age, desire and disgust, viewed through the power of smell.

Venue: Carriageworks
When: 14 January at 12 pm and 5 pm 
Length: 40 MINS
Tickets: Free
Book Online or 1300 856 876