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The Australian Dance Council—Ausdance, has for nearly 40 years been at the forefront of inspiring, supporting and informing the dance community in Australia. Working with and for artists, we want to see dance take its place as a premier and integral activity in Australia.

Now we need your support to continue this work. We face a future without ongoing operational funding via the Australia Council for the Arts, putting at risk all that we do. 

As a service organisation, the ability to secure philanthropic and ticket revenue is limited. With a focus on developing and supporting an under-resourced sector, maintaining a stable base of funding is needed to leverage relationships to enhance the standing of dance in the community. 

A vital part of the Australian dance community since 1977, Ausdance has been at the forefront in promoting dance; through the establishment and delivery of the Australian Dance Awards and Australian Dance Week; understanding dance, through research, partnerships and publications such as Brolga–an Australian journal about dance and the World Dance Alliance global symposium papers available on; and developing the place of dance in the national dialogue through advocacy engagement with Federal and state governments.

Activities such as the Safe Dance reports and development, resulting in better health outcomes for professional and developing dancers, have delivered real data and results for the industry and are only able to progress through stable funding for Ausdance.

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Recent highlights

The NATIONAL DANCE FORUM, facilitated by Ausdance in partnership with the Australia Council in 2011, 2013 and 2015, has seen over 150 individuals each year, from every state and territory, participating in roundtable discussions and engaging with panel and keynote speakers. In 2015 there were two keynotes, eight panels, with 29 artists profiled. NDF2015 provided an opportunity for artists from all over the country—often separated by vast geographic distances—to share ideas, network with others and discuss professional practice.  

Often we work in the isolation or within the sealed environment of our own studios. While ‘networking’ is often perceived to be dirty work, it’s the relationships we form with other artists that support us throughout our careers. This was a vital part of the NDF. – NDF 2013 participant.

Supporting dance artists who were participating in the AUSTRALIAN PERFORMING ARTS MARKET (APAM) 2014 and 2016. As part of an objective to increase audiences and presenters understanding of contemporary dance ‘Talking dance – meet the makers’—a networking event was hosted, showcasing the latest work of Australian dance companies including those unable to attend, and providing opportunities for engagement between artists, producers and promoters. In 2014 Ausdance also hosted a booth where Australian dance companies promoted their work and contacts. 

In 2015 the $10,000 Peggy van Praagh Choreographic Fellowship, recognising and fostering a mid-career choreographer was awarded to Lina Limosani. Kay Armstrong and Stephanie Lake are past receptionist of this fellowship, established following a gift from the estate of Peggy van Praagh, founder of the Australian Ballet and founding member of Ausdance.

In 2014 Ausdance awarded the Keith Bain Choreographic Travel Fellowship to Gabrielle Nankivell. This fellowship provides financial assistance of $5000 for an emerging choreographer to travel internationally with the purpose of developing and extending their practice. This fellowship will again be offered in 2016. Keith was a founding member of Ausdance and initiated the Dancers’ Picnic—the precursor to the Australian Dance Awards. 

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