National Dance Forum 2015 early-bird registrations now open

National Dance Forum partners the Australia Council for the Arts and Ausdance National are delighted to make the first announcement of the NDF2015 program.

Facilitated by Andrew Morrish, NDF2015 is framed by 3 specific lines of focus:

  • Transforming the form: Changing structures and their effects
  • The subtleties and nuances of innovation
  • Discourse: How is dance written about, spoken about and communicated

The National Dance Forum is a vital opportunity for the dance community to meet for a conversation. My focus as facilitator for 2015 is to ensure that we have an energetic, vibrant and memorable time.The curatorial committee is organising an exciting range of presentations, but we should remember that these presentations are primarily designed to feed our conversation. It is the type of conversation where we perhaps have a sense of where and how it will begin but we have no idea of where it will go. I myself am not interested this year in the idea of developing ‘policy’, or producing another set of point forms on butchers paper for the “future of dance”.There are times when this is necessary but for 2015, I primarily want us to have an experience of our community, its layers and textures, its colours and its voices.

Andrew Morrish, NDF2015 Facilitator

Read more of Andrew's NDF2015 provocation.


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