Audition–The Australian Ballet Education Ensemble

14 & 15 November, 2014
The Australian Ballet Lvl 5, 2 Kavanagh St, Southbank Melbourne

The Australian Ballet is now calling for applications for auditions its for Dance Education Ensemble 2015 where successful dancers will be offered exciting employment opportunities including skills development, touring, teaching and performance.

Auditioning dancers will be required to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • a comprehensive background and high standard of classical ballet technique — pointe work for females required
  • performance and repertoire knowledge/experience — ability to work with a dance director in a range of dance genre
  • high level of physical fitness — performance readiness
  • competent communication skills — articulate and ease in public speaking
  • teaching attributes —  motivated to work with students to promote the benefits of dance learning

Successful applicants will engage in:

  • a short-term contract (minimum 10 months) with The Australian Ballet (Feb – Nov 2015)
  • participate in a six week professional development session in teaching and performance
  • engage in program implementation for metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia
  • be required to travel interstate during the contract duration

To apply

Email your resume to Hayley Arundel, Dance Education Ensemble Manager. Please include:

  • personal details
  • education qualification – secondary, tertiary and vocational
  • dance training and performance experience
  • allied skills – singing, acting, tap, circus arts and gymnastics
  • 2 photographs – head shot and full length

Deadline for applications: Friday 7 November


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