Nominate for the 2019 Australian Dance Awards

Nominations for the 2019 Australian Dance Awards will close 28 February 2019.


For Lifetime Achievement, Services to Dance or Services to Dance Education, nominees must have a long-standing national, and perhaps international, profile.

All nominees must be:

  • working in the professional dance sector and making innovative and exceptional work of national significance OR
  • have made an outstanding and enduring contibution to the dance industry through their work as a teacher, writer, designer etc.

Eligible works for 2019

The work must have premiered between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018 for the following categories:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Choreography
  • Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance
  • Outstanding Achievement in Community Dance
  • Outstanding Achievement in Youth Dance
  • Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film or New Media
  • Outstanding Achievement in Musicals, Physical Theatre or Commercial Dance

If a work was not a premiere in 2018, you can still nominate a work by a company, or the performance of a female or male dancer: 

  • Outstanding Performance by a Company
  • Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer
  • Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer

Please read the selection criteria for each award category and include a thoughtful, descriptive and concise explanation about why you think the nominee was outstanding, exceptional or innovative. These comments help convince the selection panel who may not have seen the performance.

Please note: the number of times a work or person is nominated is not a deciding factor.

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