2017 Ausdance membership

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Following revisions to the Ausdance National Constitution approved by the National Council in September 2016, the membership of Ausdance National is open to:

  • all state and territory Ausdance organisations
  • peak arts organisations, dance and associated arts companies and other organisations that share an interest in advocating for a strong and viable national arts culture, and seek to support and further the aims of Ausdance National
  • any individual who is not serviced by a state or territory Ausdance and pays a membership fee to Ausdance National
  • national Honorary Life Members
  • tertiary institutions that provide education for artists
  • any financial member of a state or territory Ausdance, be they an individual or organisation
  • state/territory Honorary Life Members.

New members must complete and sign the membership form detailing a proposer and seconder for membership.

There are two types of paid membership across the network – national and state/territory memberships. Both are annual memberships.

Member rights

Each Member has the following rights:

  • A member may stand for election to the National Council.
  • A member may nominate or second another member for election/appointment to the National Council.
  • A member may attend (in whatever media is available) an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of Ausdance National.
  • A member can vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of Ausdance National, be that in person at the time of the meeting, or by proxy.
  • Each member, be they an organisation or an individual, has one vote at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. A representative of an organisation who is also an individual member may vote once on behalf of the organisation they represent and once as an individual member.

National members

All state and territory members are automatically members of Ausdance National for the purposes of services and representation. ‘National’ members are generally established dance companies on multiyear federal funding, or state organisations that have a national profile such as Tasdance or Co3 Australia. In some instances, there are state-based organisations that may choose to become a member of Ausdance National because they have specific interests that are focused on national issues and priorities. 

Companies are generally members of the Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG) or Key Arts Organisations funded by the Australia Council. National members include The Australian Ballet, Australian Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, WA Ballet, Queensland Ballet, Lucy Guerin Company, Dance North and Expressions. National members also include organisations that are part of the Tertiary Dance Council of Australia (TDCA), which organises events such as research seminars with Ausdance National.

National membership benefits

Advocacy at national levels is a major activity of Ausdance National, ensuring that the dance sector is represented at the highest levels, for example ensuring that dance is included in the National Curriculum, has a voice at parliamentary inquiries and in major arts advocacy campaigns. Ausdance National also initiates partnerships with national organisations that bring new resources to the dance sector (e.g. the dance archive at the National Library of Australia).

Ausdance National acts as the Australian chapter of the World Dance Alliance (WDA), so all Ausdance members are automatically members of WDA, receiving benefits and discounts to WDA events, fellowship and publication opportunities etc. Ausdance National has also edited and published Asia Pacific Channels on behalf of WDA Asia Pacific for more than two decades. WDA membership is significant for many professional dancers who have been able to apply for choreographic fellowships, attend WDA conferences, present papers and have them peer reviewed and published by Ausdance National, providing a valuable international and networking career experience.

Ausdance National is a leading organisation of ArtsPeak, and chairs the National Advocates for Arts Education. Member profiles also appear regularly on the Ausdance National website, and members’ activities are prioritised on all Ausdance National social media platforms. Ausdance National is also a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), The Copyright Council, and Arts Law, and it can share these resources with State and Territory offices and members.

State and territory members

State and territory Ausdance organisations have three levels of membership: organisational (which includes studios and state-funded companies), individual and concessional. The current respective fees agreed nationally are $110/$66/$33. These fees have not increased for many years. 

Ausdance National levies 10% of the membership fees of organisational and individual members from each state/territory office. This is to help cover the service costs for state and territory members, facilitating meetings of the National Council, trademark, domain name and email registration costs etc. It is generally agreed that members of state and territory organisations can access member services and discounts available to any other Ausdance, as professional dancers follow employment.

State/territory membership benefits

In additional to the national benefits outlined above, all members gain a discount on AON insurances introduced in 2016. Ausdance National negotiates insurance cover and rates with AON, an international insurance broker, to offer industry specific and price-competitive cover. 

Membership benefits vary across state and territory Ausdance offices, but here are some basics that each office endeavours to provide:

  • discounts on workshops and classes where offered
  • option for professional consultations with Ausdance staff 
  • advice on contracts, pay rates and employment 
  • priority coverage in newsletters and e-news for events
  • profiles on the local website
  • grant-writing advice and editing assistance
  • auspicing services including payroll processing and workers’ compensation coverage.

Membership services

A direct member of Ausdance National who is not a member of a state or territory Ausdance may directly avail themselves of the advisory services offered by Ausdance National.

A member of Ausdance National who is a member of a state or territory Ausdance organisation must first seek the services offered by their local Ausdance.  Ausdance National may then be approached via their state or territory Ausdance if they require additional services. 

Membership fees

Membership fees will be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting in March 2017. For further information about becoming a member of Ausdance National contact Leanne Craig.