Judith Walton

Judith Walton teaches theory and practice in performance making on the BA in Performance Studies at Victoria University, Melbourne. Recent work includes: reconfigured at 24HR Art, Darwin, no hope no reason for the Melbourne International Arts Festival, ACCA, Tactical Operations/Eudemonia with Rachel Fensham for Performance Studies international (PSi) #10 Singapore, and paralla x, at the Moving Image Centre, Auckland.



Still moving still

This paper discusses the findings from two research periods at the National Art Library of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and generates scholarly propositions for relationships between the body and the book: the movement of the eye, the spacing of thought, temporality and duration, and the choreography of the page. The ideas are predicated on the artists’ books viewed and engaged with during the residencies and are subjective responses to the tactile, experiential presence of the books combined with relevant theoretical and philosophical texts and concepts. How might a book dance? Is there evidence of the body and its actions, recordings of its choreography in space and on the page, traces of its ability to move and be moved, and ways of capturing its performance in the pages of a book?