Elizabeth Dempster

Dr Elizabeth Dempster is a performer, choreographer, writer and critic. She is senior lecturer in dance at Victoria University and a member of the boards of Writings on Dance and Dance Exchange. Her research interests include practice-based performance, critical, analytic and choreographic dance writing; modern and post modern dance practice and theory; improvisational technologies and performance; philosophies of the body and feminist methodologies.



Undisciplined subjects, unregulated practices: dancing in the academy

This is a working paper in process. It is concerned with the changing status of disciplinary knowledges, in dance and performance, in Australian universities. Although I have been working as an academic within the fields of dance and performance studies for some twenty years, it is only relatively recently that I have begun to reflect critically upon the disciplinary identity of dance studies and dance research, and with some more concrete sense of how these endeavours might be engaged differently.