World Dance Alliance

World Dance Alliance serves as a primary voice for dance and dancers, and encourages the exchange of ideas and the awareness of dance in all its forms. It is an independent, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization that unites dancers and dance practitioners throughout the world.

WDA currently operates through two regional centres: The Americas and Asia–Pacific.

WDA works to:

  • promote the recognition, development and mutual understanding of all forms of dance,
  • facilitate communication and exchange among dance individuals, institutions and organisations interested in dance,
  • provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to dance,
  • encourage and support the research, education, criticism, creation, performance and preservation of dance and
  • liaise, co-ordinate and participate in activities with other dance organisations in the world.

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WDA–Americas Jin-Wen Yu, President
WDA–Asia Pacific Yunyu Wang, President

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Dance, young people and change

Dance, Young People and Change brought together young people, parents, educators and others from around the world to share and consider the role of dance in young people’s lives. It provided critical evaluation and reflection on approaches to dance learning, teaching and curriculum for young people and offered opportunities to critique the relevance of dance for young people within education and community contexts.

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