Asia–Pacific Channels

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Asia–Pacific Channels is the bi-annual newsletter of the World Dance Alliance (WDA), published by Ausdance National in collaboration with MyDance Alliance in Malaysia. It profiles dance events and activities from WDA members throughout the Asia–Pacific region.

We produce and publish Channels as a contribution to the World Dance Alliance and dance in our region. It also helps us build the international networks that provide professional development opportunities for Australian dance artists.

Our work producing this publication helps us contribute to the World Dance Alliance's goals, which are:

  • To promote the recognition, development and mutual understanding of all forms of dance.
  • To facilitate communication and exchange among dance individuals, institutions and organisations interested in dance.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to dance.
  • To encourage and support the research, education, criticism, creation and performance of dance.
  • To liaise, coordinate and participate in activities with other dance organisations in the world.


  • June 1997 – June 2001: Hilary Trotter, Australia
  • Dec 2001 – June 2003: Julie Dyson, Australia; Rogayah Shahariman, Malaysia
  • June 2006 – December 2006: Julie Dyson, Australia 
  • June 2007 – December 2008: Julie Dyson and Leanne Craig, Australia
  • June 2009 – June 2010: Julie Dyson and Rachael Jennings, Australia
  • December 2010: Julie Dyson and Leanne Craig
  • June 2011 – June 2016: Bilqis Hijas, Malaysia
  • December 2016: Rachael Jennings, Australia
  • June 2017: Bilqis Hijas, Malaysia

Production design and layout

  • December 2003 – December 2006: Lindy Schultz, Australia
  • June 2007– December 2016: Rachael Jennings, Australia
  • June 2017: Bilqis Hijas, Malaysia