Dancehouse Diary Thinking bodies, moving minds

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The Dancehouse Diary is a free almost quarterly publication published by Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia. It is a unique dance publication based on discourse, dialogue and connection with other art forms and wider social issues.

The Diary is deeply rooted in Joseph Beuys' reflection on the artist's power to be a social sculptor through movement, action and thought, thus inspiring us to live more creatively. It aims not only to cultivate a taste for dance, but to articulate a most necessary connection of our bodies with our minds, and of how we move and exist in the world and for the world.

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  • Issue #1: Mobile minds
  • Issue #2: Anniversary issue—What's coming?
  • Issue #3: Less is more
  • Issue #4: Dance is massive
  • Issue #5: Body social, body political, bodies of now
  • Issue #6: The body in the RAW—Nudity, today
  • Issue #7: Sacred and Profane – Rituals of Now
  • Issue #8: What the body can do. Dance and Ethics
  • Issue #9: The Money Issue