The Mayer key competencies in arts education

In This Article

Originally published in 1997, this report is even more significant today in light of the new National Curriculum. The Mayer Key Competencies is useful for anyone teaching or assessing arts learning in the curriculum because it shows how the key competencies may be applied across the five arts areas. It explains how the concept of ‘competency’ makes sense in the arts field.

Table of contents:

  • Outline of the project
  • Some important issues
  • Assessing the key competencies
  • Links with industry
  • Collecting, analysing & organising information
  • Communicating ideas and information
  • Planning and organising activities
  • Working with others and in teams
  • Using mathematical ideas and techniques
  • Solving problems
  • Using technology
  • Cultural understandings
  • Acquiring the key competencies through the arts
  • Reflections and discussion

The publication was the major outcome of a project conducted by the National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE) and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of the Commonwealth Department of Employment and Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA).