Dr Angela Pickard has performed, created, taught and presented dance locally, regionally and internationally in her roles as dancer, choreographer, teacher, advisor, consultant and academic. She has worked with a number of independent and mainstream choreographers in a range of collaborative and creative projects and performances in Kent, London and Europe. Angela is also Artistic Director of Canterbury Dance Company: a creative and collaborative performing company, and Programme Director for BA (Hons.) Dance Education and BA (Combined Hons.) Dance. She specializes in ballet technique, dance pedagogy, choreography, and dance research, and is Editor in Chief for Research in Dance Education journal.



Dance in higher education in the UK

Universities are not individually unique. They stand next to each other in the various hierarchies of excellence that are underpinned by commonalities of the various statures that they accrue in learning, teaching, research and a host of cultural and social impacts as are measured regionally, nationally and internationally. It is as we move toward closer international ties with our World Dance Alliance colleagues in higher education who work in dance that we look to our own ways and means with a view to revealing what we, in the UK, do in our delivery of dance to higher education students, and some of the constraints within which we work. With this in hand as a reference, we might then seek to discuss with our colleagues in other countries the many ways and means in which the similarities and differences have emerged from our various contexts as we all work towards inspiring the next generation of dancing graduates.