Benedict Anderson works in scenography, architecture, dramaturgy and film. His collaborative and individual projects have been shown in performance, galleries and itinerant spaces in Europe and worldwide. Projects include: Laboral Gijón and ARCO Art Fair Madrid, Spain, Millennium Centre- Cardiff, Fondation Cartier Paris, CDC Toulouse, Festival of Arts Amman, Jordan, Beijing Arts Festival, Vivid Festival Sydney and Lisbon Architecture Triennial. He regularly participates in design competitions and has led a team for an urban redevelopment strategy for the UK Highways Agency. He is Professor of Spatial Design in the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney.



Indeterminacy in site-specific performance

‘Site-specificity’ is typically aligned to those practices of visual art where their meanings are inextricable to site; however, its theorisation has been elaborated through a defense of disciplinary boundaries. In One Place After Another, Miwon Kwon begins by referring to site-specific art as: ‘Site-determined, site-orientated, site-referenced, site-conscious, site-related’. Yet site-specificity in relation to site-performance, would I propose, be better served by negotiating the intersections of body and site. Site-specificity and indeterminacy will be considered through what happens between site and performance: disruption, undetermined and permeability. Detailing a number of projects from my own practice including: White Trash 2006,Toulouse, France; En Residencia 2009 Gijón, Spain and Patrwn 2010 Minde, Portugal, I will highlight the indeterminacies of site and boundary, performance and spectator through the practice of site-specific performance.