Adam Broinowski

Adam Broinowski has made solo and group shows, a feature documentary (Hell Bento!), and worked with many Australian companies, touring through South America, Europe, UK, US, Asia and Australia. While based in Tokyo for 5 years, he was a core member of Gekidan Kaitaisha, performing in company and transcultural productions (including the Bye bye series, 2001-2005; Bodies of War, 2003; Dream Regime, 2004~2005). He was a Monbukagakusho research fellow at the University of Tokyo (2003-2005) and is a PhD candidate at University of Melbourne/VCAM.



Vivisection vision: performing the humanimal

With reference to my solo performance Vivisection Vision: animal reflections, I discuss the key theoretical and conceptual aspects with regard to Agamben’s identification of the problem of the polis in the distinction between human and animal, to arrive at the figure of the ‘humanimal’. Initially created and performed in Japan, I identify the theo-political rhetoric concerned with the notion of ‘evil’ used in the Iraq War 2, followed by an analysis of and reflection upon this notion through the images and movement I made in response. From program notes to philosophical interpretation, what ethical potential is to be derived from this performance? How can we take responsibility?