Elizabeth Cameron Dalman

Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM is director of Mirramu Creative Arts Centre and artistic director of Mirramu Dance Company. She founded Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide and was its artistic director from 1965–75. She has had many teaching positions in Australian universities, and as a performer, choreographer, teacher and researcher, Elizabeth travels internationally on a regular basis, particularly in recent years to Taiwan, Japan and West Africa. She has received numerous awards for her work, including an Australian Artists Creative Fellowship (1994) and the Medal of the Order of Australia for her contribution to contemporary dance in Australia (1995). Elizabeth recently completed a PhD at the University of Western Sydney.



Fusion of Australian contemporary dance and Mobius Kiryuho

This paper discusses the exploration of cultural diversity and the creation of common ground and understanding through choreographic practice in a cross-cultural, international collaboration between Mirramu Dance Company (Australia) and Kyoko Sato from the Mobius Kiryuho Institute (Japan). The paper explores the differences and the similarities discovered in each of our culturally specific movement practices, during the creative process of a dance production, Silk, and discusses how these discoveries influenced the choreographic content of the performance.

Brain, dance and culture: evolutionary characteristics in the collaborative choreographic process

This is part 2 of a broad hypothoses of an intuitive science of dance. Elizabeth Dalman and neuroscience researcher Paul Howard Mason (1982 – ) joined forces to explore the evolutionary characteristics of a discrete social system, with a belief that choreography involves processes that expose the social machinery of human expressive systems.