Larry Ruffell

Following early dance training in New Zealand, Larry studied at the Royal Ballet School in London before joining the Royal Ballet Company in 1959.  He was appointed soloist three years later, taking on many classical and character roles, before retiring from dance in 1967, and coming to Australia in 1969.  Larry pursued a commercial marketing research role in Sydney for some years before moving to Canberra as administrator of Canberra Opera Society in 1976.  He was general manager of the State Opera of South Australia for two years before returning to Canberra to manage Human Veins Dance Theatre.  Several other administrative roles followed, culminating in management with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra for twelve years before retiring in 2008.  He is married to Priscilla, and they have two children and five grandchildren.



Perceiving dance bowing to the ineffable

Although a great deal of philosophical thought has gone into dance as art over the last few hundred years, little if any has attempted to take a more dispassionate, scientific view, let alone conduct any original research into dance. That may all be about to change.