Linda Caldwell

Dr Linda Caldwell teaches in the doctoral dance program at Texas Women’s University and is an editor of The Journal of Laban Movement Studies. She is exploring alternative formats for doctoral dissertations in the performing arts and presenting workshops on interactive distance learning in dance through Laban Movement Analysis.



Transcultural perspectives on digital practices and the arts in higher education

Dance artists and educators from the Asia-Pacific region, America, and Europe discuss how emerging digital technologies affect the role of dance in higher education. Topics include: the creation of long-distance choreographic exchanges, digital curation projects with artists exploring relationships between mediatised performance and site-responsive work, and the impact of distance learning on re-imagining the locations and characteristics of dance audiences. Discussion revolves around possibilities for the digital world’s affect on how, and what we teach; its capacity to transform the message, medium, and reception of dance; and its contribution to the development of higher education programs and artistic futures.