Phakamas Jirajarupat

Phakamas Jirajarupat completed her BA (Hons) and MA in Thai Classical Dance at Chulalongkom University, Bangkok, Thailand, in 1998 and 2000 respectively. She is a lecturer in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Rajabhat Suan Sunandha University, Bangkok and is an expert in Thai Royal Court Dance and Thai Folk Dance. She is also a guest lecturer at Bangkok Patana International School, Bangkok, Thailand.



The survival and adaptation of traditional Thai puppet theatre (Joe Louis)

Naatayasala Hun Lakorn Lek, a Thai classical performing art, is a combination of human dance and puppet performance. Despite high competition with other modernised shows in the rapid changing society of Thailand, this group of performers have undertaken many adaptations and managed to maintain the existence of this art. The puppets have been developed to be more technical, more sophisticated and special effects and interaction with audiences incorporated. Modern marketing and management systems have been introduced. The continuing existence of this art form is evidence of how Thai artists have brought in modern knowledge and technology, while maintaining the valuable meaning and beauty of ancient Thai wisdom.