Priscilla Ruffell

Priscilla earned a scholarship at age 15 to study full-time at Scully-Borovansky and was soon invited to join the Borovansky Ballet company. After 18 months performing in Australia and New Zealand, Priscilla trained at the Royal Ballet School in London and was offered a contract with London’s Festival Ballet. Margaret Walker invited Priscilla to join Dance Concert in Sydney after she returned to Australia, which began a new era of folk and character dance.  n Canberra, Priscilla spent 12 years developing a dance course at St Clare’s College, providing in-service workshops for teachers and teaching ballet and character at Dell Brady’s Ballet School. Priscilla has taught dance and movement to student teachers at Signadou College and to singers at the Canberra School of Music.  She is married to former dancer Larry Ruffell, and they have two children and five grandchildren.