Sally Gardner

Sally is a lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University, Melbourne. She danced in London and New York and was a founding member of Danceworks in Melbourne. She is an occasional guest performer with Russell Dumas’s Dance Exchange. She is a co-editor with Elizabeth Dempster of Writings on Dance journal and is a regular contributor to local and international arts’ and humanities’ forums. Her articles and reviews have appeared in The Drama Review, Dance Research, Performance Research, the Journal of Intercultural Studies, Forum for Modern Language Studies and elsewhere. Her translation into English of Poétique de la danse contemporaine by Laurence Louppe (Contredanse, 1997) was published in 2010 (Dance Books, UK).



Gendering discourses in modern dance research

Dr Sally Gardner (Deakin University Melbourne) considers some problems of conceptualisation in modern dance studies. She questions the assumptions made about the terms 'dancer' and 'choreographer' and the relationships between them, and wonders how this pair of terms work to structure what gets written or said in contemporary modem dance scholarship.