Sarah Neville

Sarah is an Australian performance maker who devises new media dance, instigates inter-disciplinary practices and invests in multi-platform processes and production outcomes. She is interested in revealing multi-facetted dramatic analogies through contemporary performance to connect ideas, people and cultures whilst honoring difference. Sarah’s new media choreographic practice is grounded in the art of designing movement to communicate concepts and stories of the world; contemporary concerns, age old mythologies and futuristic prophecies. Sarah began the new media dance production company Heliograph Productions, in collaboration with lighting designer, Nic Mollison. With this company she produced, choreographed and performed in numerous productions. As an independent artist, Sarah has created work for companies and groups all over Australia.



Choreographing newmedia dance through the creation of the Newmedia Dance Project ‘Ada’

Sarah Neville, (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane) talks about her choreographic project which was motivated by an attempt to understand some of her creative peers who were computer programmers. Her dance and technology research made her confront the fact that she is a choreographer whose work is deeply connected with, and influenced by, the digital age.