Stephanie Hanrahan

Stephanie Hanrahan completed her PhD at The University of Western Australia in the area of attributional style in sport. After a short stint at the University of Otago in New Zealand, Dr Hanrahan joined the academic staff at The University of Queensland as a lecturer in 1990. She was a UQ Teaching Excellence Award winner in 1997 and is currently an associate professor holding a joint appointment with the Schools of Human Movement Studies and Psychology.



Success in salsa: students’ evaluation of the use of self-reflection when learning to dance

Both Stephanie J. Hanrahan (Schools of Human Movement Studies and Psychology, University of Queensland) and Rachel A. Mathews (Creative Industries Faculty—Dance, Queensland University of Technology) have seen that both teachers and students can become frustrated when the rate of skills improvement is not satisfying. They had a group of salsa students engage in structured self-reflection and then evaluated the process and outcomes.