Fondue Set

The Fondue Set are three women who have been making work together for over ten years, creating a distinct style, dance language and identity. They are an ever-evolving entity, always active in exploring their movement language, and seeking opportunities to work with new people and processes in order to shift the parameters of their work. Much of their unique dance language has come from an interest in exploring issues such as the ‘awkward body’, the moments in between, before, or just after, mistakes and humour, and they have placed their work in various foyers, nightclubs and bars in the Campbelltown Arts Centre and the Sydney Opera House. Their full–length work ‘No Success Like Failure’ won a Green Room Award for ‘Innovation in the form of Cabaret’.



The Fondue Set present…The Fondue Set

The Fondue Set – Jane McKernan, Elizabeth Ryan and Emma Saunders – offer up a fascinating response to a set of provocations. They reveal their process in a three-part harmony that speaks to the particular concerns of this group of female artists.