Vera Bullen

Vera Bullen was a senior tutor in Dance Studies at The University of Auckland from 2006-2008. She taught ballet, history, kinesiology, research proposal and safe dance practices subjects. In 2009 she went to Seattle, USA, to write a conditioning book for performing artists and undertake Pilates teacher training. Vera holds an MCPA from The University of Auckland, an MA (Dance Studies) from the Laban Centre in London and BA (Dance/Drama) from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a member of IADMS (International association for Dance Medicine and Science) and PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association).



Developing a mind-body connection in teaching dance history

In 2008, Vera Bullen undertook an intrinsic case study that asked: How can one apply a Choreological Studies framework in the teaching of a dance history subject; and, how does the choreological studies framework contribute to a mind-body connection in student learning through its blend of theory and practice within a theory-based subject area? This paper discusses applying the Choreological Studies framework in the teaching and learning of DANCE 107: Dance History at The University of Auckland.