Dance recognised as a valuable part of Australian lives

As children we dance instinctively, and our aim is to make sure we are all still dancing when we're 90! Dance benefits health, social inclusion, disability and aged care.

Fitness, improved health, social inclusion, self-expression and creative challenges.

Dance is valued by all cultures as a way of expressing feelings, thoughts and story telling through movement.

… The opportunity is huge for dance to be a valued part of every person’s education, offering creative, healthy and stimulating experiences for all Australians throughout their lives. (Dance Plan 2012)

Australians are interested in dance. We watch dance on TV—So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars; go to live musical theatre, and filmsBilly Elliot, Strictly Ballroom and Mad Hot Ballroom and attend social dance classes for enjoyment and exercise. These experiences provide the foundation for lifelong participation in healthy physical activity.

Through dance we can find new ways of communicating our own ideas, learn about working creatively in teams and understand and interpret more complex works of art. We can learn about spatial awareness, develop flexibility and strength, and discover a great feeling of well-being.

Audiences for contemporary dance are growing as we learn in, through and about dance in our daily lives.

We promote the value and purpose of dance by encouraging

  • participation in dance across all age groups and abilities for health and wellbeing
  • audiences for dance as a high-profile artistic activity
  • advocacy for dance through political and media channels.

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The Australian Dance Council—Ausdance has for over forty years led, inspired, supported and informed the Australian dance community.

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Vote for Arts – 2 July 2016 View this project

For the first time in a generation, the arts are claiming space in the lead-up to a federal election. While ‘jobs and growth’ and ‘putting people first’ are dominating the debate, after 18 months of cuts, despair and confusion, the arts community is coming together and calling for our voices to be heard. 

Here's our guide to putting arts on the political agenda.

Australian Dance Week View this project

The Ausdance network celebrates and promotes dance in all its forms every year during Australian Dance Week which aims to raise awareness of professional dance and dance in the community, and to celebrate its diversity.

Dance in the National Cultural Policy View this project

Ausdance supported the development of Australia's National Cultural Policy. We believed it should not only deliver new ideas and strategies, but also reflect the ambitions of the Australian community (including those identified in Dance Plan 2012).

It should respect and promote Indigenous perspectives, and encompass the cultural ambitions of our multicultural society. It should reflect and acknowledge the breadth of cultural activity and diversity, including professional excellence in artistic performance and education, community access and participation, and artists’ career development and sustainability.