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The Australian Dance Council—Ausdance has for nearly forty years led, inspired, supported and informed the Australian dance community.

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Ausdance National's work continues to have a lasting impact on Australian dance artists and their working lives. 

It would be virtually impossible to find a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, dance student, dance academic, or dance audience member who has not been positively and substantially impacted by the activities of the organisation. —Brian Lucas, Brisbane Independent Artist and Ausdance National President 2012–2016

Ausdance National's sector leadership in political advocacy, dance education, international dance research, Safe Dance® practice, and business and teaching resources is now reliant on the support of our sponsors and donors.


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Australia is at the forefront of dance injury epidemiology efforts; the Safe Dance Project Report on dance injury prevention and management in the Australian dance profession, known as Safe Dance®, was launched almost 30 years ago. It was the first study of its kind conducted in Australia and showed an alarming prevalence of both chronic and acute injuries in Australian dancers. These findings led to a variety of recommendations and initiatives, including a recommendation to repeat the Safe Dance study regularly to evaluate the effect of these initiatives and provide further insight into dancer health and wellbeing.


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