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  • Odette’s evolving nightmare Graeme Murphy’s ‘Swan Lake’ by Lee Christofis
  • Black symbols on a white page or colourful moving images? by Ray Cook
  • ‘Wild Swans’ and the art of collaboration by Michelle Potter*
  • ‘Disagreeable Object’ a work devised and performed by Michelle Heaven by Shirley Mckechnie
  • Drama and music in ballet scores—a glossary in the form of an essay by Rodney Stenning Edgecombe

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Drama and music in ballet scores a glossary in the form of an essay

Once character, emotion and action are added to abstractly satisfying movement, some questions may arise: "What and how does dance mean?" "Must it necessarily turn to mime, and strive for ‘verbal’ representations without words?" Music scholar, Rodney Stenning Edgecombe, explores this fission by discussing the key terms that became current over time, starting with Noverre’s scène d’action, and ending with Gorsky’s mimodrama.