Shifting Sands: Dance in Asia and the Pacific

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Shifting Sands – dance in Asia and the Pacific (Ed. Stephanie Burridge) presents 13 essays by eminent Australian and Asian dance writers plus a large collection of shorter articles and stories from practising artists and critics sharing personal insights and experiences.


  1. Australian dance today: looking out from down under, Cheryl Stock & Julie Dyson
  2. The ancestors' path and the road ahead: Cambodian dance, Toni Shapiro-Phim
  3. Dance train: Hong Kong, Tom Brown
  4. Indian dance: an overview, Urmimala Sarker Munsi
  5. Reinventing tradition: new dance in Indonesia, Sal Murgiyanto
  6. Dance in Japan, Miki Wakamatsu
  7. Korean Dance, Jang Kwang Ryul
  8. Dance in Malaysia: a kaleidoscope of cultures, Joseph Gonzales
  9. Dance in Aotearoa (New Zealand): a brief introduction, Susan F. Graham
  10. A capsule view: Philippines dance, Steve Estaban Villarus
  11. Dance in Singapore: contemporary expressions, Carin Carino
  12. The Pacific Islands, Adrienne L. Kerppler
  13. Identity, hybridity, diversity: a brief view of dance in Taiwan, Chen Ya-Ping

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Shifting Sands is dedicated to Carl Wolz, founder of the World Dance Alliance and "a great visionary and achiever who showed us there is no dream that should not be dreamed...." (Lin Hwai-Min)