What concepts shaped the lastest work of these choreographers? Lucy Guerin, Kate Champion, Rafael Bonachel & Garry Stewart

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Watching the creative and collaborative processes of successful artistic directors is a valuable learning tool for other creators. It also gives potential audiences a deeper understanding of the layers of meaning within a dance work.

Ausdance National members Lucy Guerin Inc, Sydney Dance Company, Force Majeure and Australian Dance Theatre have produced some fascinating behind-the-work videos of their upcoming works.

Lucy Guerin on Motion Picture

Lucy Guerin Inc.

Choreographer and Lucy Guerin Inc's Artistic Director Lucy Guerin takes us behind the choreographic development of her new work Motion Picture, which looks to be not just groundbreaking but a fascinating audience experience.

With a full-length feature film (D.O.A, a 1950 film noir drama) projected behind the audience and played from beginning to end, we learn how the performers watch and respond to the film as a motivation for their movement.

Watch how the myriad filmic elements (music, mood/tension, editing, camera techniques, characters) provide choreographic inspiration and direction.

See Lucy Guerin Inc's new work Motion Picture
 at Dance Massive.

When: Tue 17 – Sun 22 March

Where: Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall

Kate Champion on Nothing to Lose

Force Majeure

Premiering at the 2015 Sydney Festival, Nothing to Lose has been described as confrontational and pioneering. But choreographer Kate Champion says Nothing to Lose began its life as an interest in how different shapes and bigger body shapes move and dance. She also doesn’t think they are represented enough, or seen on our stages enough. And why not?

I find [that] where they’re willing to go with their movement, and the range—from deeply serious to quite challenging in its aesthetic, to beauty, to humour—is so phenomenal that I’m wondering whether I’ll continue to work with varying body shapes from now on….I’m so excited by this choreographic language that I’m being presented with that I have never had a chance to work with before, and it’s really exciting and really fascinating.

See Force Majeure’s Nothing to Lose at Dance Massive
Dates: Wed 11 – Sat 21 March
Where: The Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre, Melbourne

Rafael Bonachela on Frame of Mind

Sydney Dance Company

You'll love hearing from Rafael Bonachela about his inspiration for, and process behind, Sydney Dance Company’s latest work Frame of Mind. Rafael talks about how he creates the work with his dancers, and he reveals some interesting conceptual and choreographic tools (such as creating a map of the dancers emotional journeys throughout 2014).

Frame of Mind: In Conversation with Rafael Bonachel

See Sydney Dance Company’s new work Frame of Mind
Dates: 6 March – 16 May 2015.
Cities: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne.

Garry Stewart

Australian Dance Theatre

'One of the few dance pieces that are currently using high-end immersive 3D graphics'. —Garry Stewart

Listen to Garry discuss motion capture technology and its use in Multiverse, which is based on ideas from physics and cosmology. Garry works with 3D animators to create a visual world using 3D graphics. You'll need your 3D glasses for this unique dance experience.

In 2015 Multiverse is touring to these locations in Europe:

  • 11, 12 & 13 March: European Premiere–Villeneuve d’Ascq, La Rose des Vents
  • 17 March: Colombes, L’Avant-Seine, Théâtre de Colombes
  • 20–21 March: Sevilla, Teatro Central
  • 1–6 June: Focus on Australian contemporary dance–Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris

To purchase tickets visit the Australian Dance Theatre's website.