2017 year in review — Ausdance National

Ausdance National's 2017 in review: 

—Ausdance membership nominates a new Ausdance National Council
—published Exploring identities in dance—international dance education research collection
—prepared advocacy and submissions
—produced Safe Dance Report IV: Investigating injuries in Australia’s professional dancers
—celebrated Ausdance's 40th anniversary
—presented National Dance Forum in partnership with Ausdance Victoria
—coordinated 2017 Australian Dance Awards nominations
—awarded Ausdance Peggy van Praagh Choreographic Fellowship to Kristina Chan

Our top 2014 moments in dance

What better way to wrap up our year in dance than to recall some of the big 2014 moments in dance.

This year dance gave us much celebrating—what a wonderful way to spend a year! We honoured the discipline and dedication of our professional dance artists. We danced to make us happier and healthier. We saw dance used for rehabilitation. We made dance that celebrated all bodies. We watched dance that challenged our ideas about what dance should be. We were excited by new choreographic talent. We were inspired by the latest Australian dance thinking on show at the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit. We celebrated big birthdays and said goodbye to old friends.

The Niche Series

Overview of the Niche Series, a body of work created by choreographer Sue Healey during 2002 – 2003. It demonstrates how one choreographer meets the challenges posed by new technologies and conflicting demands.

Safe Dance report III

This report documents the recurrence of injury in Australia professional dancers. It follows the work of Tony Geeves which began 10 years earlier.

Safe Dance report II

The second Safe Dance report presents research into adolescent health issues during intensive dance training.

Safe Dance report I

This project was the first of its kind undertaken in Australia. The report is supported by statistics and extensive consultation with dance and health professionals.

Dancing to the right tune

Past research indicated that dance companies use strategic public relations for various audience development activities that are innovative and successful in the short term. Recommendations from Madeline Wilson's research include long-term strategic audience development plans to ensure dance companies continue to develop audiences and remain viable in the future.