Nina Melita

Nina teaches English as a second language to migrants and has studied various forms of dance. She has studied, performed and taught Middle Eastern dance for many years and researched Pavlova as part of a Diploma of Languages (Russian) at Macquarie University.



Anna Pavlova’s 1926 Australian tour

Nina Melita gives an account of Pavlova's first Australian tour, during which the famous dancer astounded her audiences with her artistry and passion. Pavlova was an honest and outspoken person who did not particularly enjoy attention from the press.

Pavlova’s 1929 Australian tour

Following on from her article in Brolga 30 about Pavlova’s first Australian tour, Nina Melita investigates audience reaction to the second and final tour in 1929. She talks about the effects on the community, aspects of Pavlova’s personality, personal life and Pavlova's views on the arts in Australia.