Shaaron Boughen

Shaaron Boughen BA (Hons) Dance, London. MA Dance, LSCD University of Kent, was Dance Discipline Leader at QUT until 2010 and has worked extensively as a performer, teacher, choreographer and designer in the UK and Australia. Particular areas of interest include investigating the live body in digital spaces, interdisciplinary practices and reversioning processes across multiple performance platforms. Shaaron is the Queensland dance reviewer for The Australian newspaper.



Creating and sustaining a basis for life-long learning in tertiary dancer training

This paper acknowledges the influences that a generation Y population brings to dance training methodologies and examines this impact in a tertiary context. Over the last 4 years, Queensland University of Technology has been modifying their curriculum for new students transitioning from the private dance studio into the prevocational university environment. An intensive training program was designed to empower the student, creating effective entry points for common understandings in the learning and teaching of dance techniques with improved and accelerated learning outcomes. This paper shares these philosophies and practices in training for life-long learning that prepare the young dancer for longevity in the industry.