2012 Global Dance Summit program Dance, young people and change

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The 2012 Global Dance Summit 'Dance, Young People and Change' brought together young people, parents, educators and others from around the world to share and consider the role of dance in young people’s lives.

This collaboration in July 2012 between World Dance Alliance (WDA) and dance and the Child international (daCi) produced one of the biggest global dance summits ever held. Hosted by the Taiwan National University of the Arts (TNUA) in Taipei, the week-long event attracted around 1500 professionals and young people from over 30 countries spanning North and South America, Europe, the UK and most Asia-Pacific nations.

The timing of daCi’s triennial Conference and WDA’s biennial Global Summit coincided in 2012 providing a special opportunity for the multi-layered event that included keynote addresses, ‘dance flavour’ taster classes, workshops, forums and paper presentations. Opening and Closing ceremonies, performances by young delegates, showcases and the International Dance Festival enriched the summit.

Summit themes

  • Dance and social justice: How is dance transforming, limiting or defining lives?
  • Teaching dance: What are the approaches to teaching dance with young people? What are the teaching contexts for dance? What are the emerging theories, policies, politics shaping and limiting shaping dance teaching?
  • Dance learning: What are the emerging issues and practices shaping dance learning? What spaces are children and young people using for dance? How does the context shape the dance, the dancer, the teacher, the audience? How is access to dance created and denied by the learning context?
  • Curriculum: What are the latest developments in curriculum around the world that are shaping the meaning of dance in education?
  • Education of dance teachers and artists: How are teachers and artists being prepared for 21st century challenges of teaching dance in differing contexts, including informal and informal learning contexts.

Summit papers

Full papers and other presentations are currently being edited and will be published here as the Online Proceedings by March 2013.