Meet Ausdance National Treasurer Libby Walsh

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Libby is our new Ausdance National Treasurer. She is a highly experienced and skilled individual who has taken charge of the finances of your national peak body and is continuing its work. 

We asked Libby how she got started in dance and why she believes a national dance advocacy organisation is important for Australian dance.

Libby Walsh

How did you get started in dance?

My relationship with dance is not actually as a dancer myself, but as a mother of young aspiring dancers and a lover of dance performance. I have always enjoyed watching dance of many varieties and styles from classical ballet to hip-hop, tap, jazz or contemporary, whether it be professional performances or the end of year dance at school. Dance is something universal that brings people together; it makes people happy and healthy and can also provide an insight into different cultures and histories.

What was the first Ausdance National project or activity in which you participated?

Having have just joined the Ausdance National Council as National Treasurer in February 2018, I look forward to contributing to this important organisation during the remainder of 2018 and onwards.

What is the key benefit that Ausdance membership offers to its members?

Ausdance provides a central link between the States and the Federal Government and aims to provide streamlined leadership in dance education, advocacy, lobbying and policy development. Ausdance National membership provides a central voice for the Australian dance community and aims to ensure the dance industry has a strong advocate for its own specific needs.

Why did you decide to join the Ausdance National Council?

I saw this as an opportunity to participate in and ‘give back’ to a sector that I admire and value but have never formally been a part of other than as an audience member. I felt this was an opportunity to use the financial skills I have learned during my career in property to make a difference in another sector that I’m also passionate about.

Having spent a number of years now with three young daughters involved in various forms of dance, I have seen the huge personal benefits and education they have received through dance and the impact it has on their lives. Dance is something that should be accessible to everyone and the dance community needs to be heard and supported to reach its full potential.

Why do you believe a national dance advocacy organisation is important for Australian dance?

Every industry or community benefits from having a dedicated body to represent its unique and specific needs and ensure that it is heard. The dance community requires a strong national voice to encourage access to and understanding of dance in communities throughout Australia and ensure it is heard at a state and federal level.