Spoken memory: oral history interviews at the National Library of Australia

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Did you know you can now download oral history interviews?

Here is a list of oral history interviews that are available to download now. The interviewees include Australian artistic directors, choreographers, dancers, dance teachers and arts administrators. Links take you to the interview's download page on the National Library's website.

The National Library of Australia Dance collection documents dance in Australia and preserves Australian dance materials. The collection contains portraits, manuscripts, oral history interviews, photographs, music scores, personal papers, theatre programs and memorabilia.

Interviewed by Michelle Potter

for the Keep dancing oral history project

in the Esso Performing Arts collection

Interviewed by Peter Eckersall

Interviewed by Shirley McKechnie

for the Conceiving connections oral history project (2003)

for the Australian choreographers oral history project

Interviewed by Bill Stephens

Interviewed by Lee Christofis

Interviewed by Hazel de Berg in the Hazel de Berg collection

Interviewed by Geri Lobl

Interviewed by James Murdoch

Interviewed by Barbara Blackman

For more information about Australia Dancing, and finding dance resources at the National Library of Australia, read Is Australia still dancing?