Tradition and innovation—indigeneity in performance discourse #2

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As part of developing the National Dance Forum's 'lines of focus', curatorial panel members shared their thoughts about the inherent concerns and realities affecting current professional practice in Australia. This is Frances Ring's response.

How can dance be used to express ideas, communicate significance and create theatre that’s innovative and transcends cultural differences while still honouring tradition?

This question or topic is inspired by the recent production of Stones in her mouth by Lemi Ponifasio and his company MAU.

How does this reflect in

  • processes used by practitioners
  • engaging a dialogue with communities
  • creating sustainable frameworks for cultural preservation and maintenance
  • have a place in the current dance ecology.
  • creative license: navigating guidelines and protocols
  • audience response. Do we risk isolating the audience when we employ abstraction?

Listen to this recent Radio National interview with Lemi.

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