ArtsPeak sets new goals, welcomes new members

ArtsPeak’s new goal

Drafted at its planning session in Sydney on 15–16 March, the following new goal will be included as a discussion point in the next ArtsPeak meeting in September:

That the cultural, arts and creative industries are central to political thinking, economic priorities and civic life in Australia.

Addressing that goal, the intended outcomes are:

  • A national cultural policy that integrates with other policy areas and across the jurisdictions.
  • Increased sustainability of cultural, artistic and creative practice.
  • Artspeak is recognised as an alliance of the cultural, arts and creative industry sectors. 

The planning session was facilitated by Fiona Winning and included a meeting with the Australia Council, a discussion on changes to the membership and development of short and long-term strategies.

New members join ArtsPeak

Our advocacy planning for the year is underway

We are: 

  • monitoring impact to sector of changes to 457 visas
  • scheduling a meeting with the Opposition
  • monitoring and responding to the arts allocations in Tuesday's budget.
  • supporting the journalists’ campaign against job cuts #fairgofairfax which will have a major impact on arts features, books and film reviews in Fairfax newspapers.

Changes to ArtsPeak executive and membership – thanks Tamara Winikoff!

by ArtsPeak convenor, Nicole Beyer

After 18 years as a driving force behind ArtsPeak, Tamara Winikoff Executive Director of NAVA, has stepped down as co-convenor. Together with Ausdance’s Julie Dyson until Julie 'retired' (refocused) in 2014, Tamara has lead multiple successful campaigns for ArtsPeak, not least of which was her role in the #freethearts campaign, which ultimately resulted in the axing of Catalyst. In the early days, Tamara and Julie lead several campaigns around changes to copyright and tax rulings, especially taxation ruling TR 2005/1 which recognised professional arts practice as a legitimate business. We thanked Tamara at an impromptu gathering on 16 March. Tamara will remain a part of the ArtsPeak membership and on the Interim Executive.