Celebrating Dance in the Asia Pacific—2 new books

Evolving Synergies: Celebrating Dance in Singapore

by Dr. Stephanie Burridge & Dr. Caren Cariño

Evolving Synergies tells the Singapore dance story and will be of interest to dance teachers, lecturers, researchers and students in universities, colleges, schools of higher education, the education sector including junior colleges, the professional dance world and professional dance training institutions.

It crosses into many fields that are offered at graduate and post-graduate level including anthropology, ethnography, philosophy and religion, social and cultural studies, arts criticism and aesthetics, theatre studies, women's studies, politics, inter-disciplinary arts, teaching pedagogy and many more.

Singaporean choreographers work through their embodied cultural 'memories' and embrace multiple dance traditions that synergise not only with western contemporary dance forms but with dance practices from across the region.

Singapore Dance Theatre is the city state's flagship dance company with an enviable repertoire of classical ballets and contemporary works by Singaporean luminary the late Goh Choo San, as well as leading international choreographers. Professional contemporary artists and companies give regular performances, hip hop and hybrid dance forms thrive in community centres and on the stage while the unique Singapore Youth Festival sees thousands of students participate in dance performances.

Innovations in movement vocabulary, juxtaposed with cultural and personal narratives and storytelling traditions, celebrate a deep-rooted understanding of tradition that underpins radical changes in Singapore's contemporary dance scene.

Moving Oceans: Celebrating Dance in the South Pacific

by Ralph Buck and Nicholas Rowe

Moving Oceans explores the diversity of dance across the South Pacific, celebrating dance by taking the readers through a journey into dance histories, moving across the island nations—New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

This collection of articles and interviews, by choreographers, educators, scholars and performers, comments on the issues and traditions that inform their diverse practices. With a particular focus on the interplay of cultures, old and new, as the artists travel around the South Pacific, the narratives in the volume reveal personal artistic experiences; emerging voices of youth; hidden stories of past generations; stories of recognition as dancers with disabilities take the stage; teacher's classroom voices; and community dancers in action.

The book will interest scholars and students of cultural studies, performing arts, dance history, anthropology, culture studies, as well as dance institutions and departments, dance critics, choreographers, and the general reader.

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