Diversifying dancers’ careers

We want dance artists to be able to diversify their careers, get more training if they need it and earn a realistic income.

Because we want to work with governments to reinvent a program that worked so well, we’ve commissioned Shane Carroll to review the SCOPE (Securing Career Opportunities and Professional Employment) program and provide us with the evidence we need to make the arguments. Shane has been one of the program’s leading advocates and drivers.

Shane will document what we have learnt from this innovative partnership with sport, and she’ll also be talking to about 30 of the former participants to find out whether SCOPE has had a positive impact on their careers.

With this information we’ll keep lobbying governments to recognise and fund again what was—as one European researcher told us—“the best program in the world in dancers’ career management”.

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SCOPE wound up

SCOPE for Artists has been formally wound up, but we will continue to provide face-to-face and online career advice and support for dance artists.