Do we need arts service organisations?

We’re not artists, dance companies, or funding bodies, but do we have a body of work?

With our ArtsPeak partners, we've mapped some of things we do.

Government liaison and advocacy

  • Provide advice and information to government & other key decision makers to inform their policy & program development and decisions, based on grass roots sector consultation and expert knowledge
  • Advocate for appropriate legislation and policies to ensure a conducive environment for artists and art infrastructure
  • Make submissions to government & other inquiries and research processes
  • Collaborate through ArtsPeak to develop across arts industry positions and present a united voice for the arts


  • Monitor, analyse and report on the nature of the artform sector’s development
  • Develop policy positions arising from research
  • Provide data and statistics
  • Analyse and report on others’ information

Sector leadership and arts industry standards

  • Devise and monitor arts industry codes of practice and scales of fees
  • Advocate for artists’ rights and ethical responsibilities and establish protocols
  • Provide professional accreditation
  • Forge and manage sector networks, partnerships and collaborative groupings
  • Organise position development meetings and collaborative actions

Capacity building of the sector

  • Broker professional development opportunities and provide training for artists and artsworkers and their commissioners/clients/benefactors/sponsors
  • Initiate and develop partnerships with other organizations to bring new resources into the arts
  • Initiate and manage national projects
  • Provide career advice and mentoring
  • Hold face-to-face and on-line forums, seminars, workshops and lectures
  • Offer distance education and career development training modules
  • Provide website information, expert advice and stimulating discussions, networking and knowledge sharing
  • Produce hard copy and on-line publications
  • Create and maintain databases

Raise the profile and promote the value of the arts

  • Generate media interest
  • Hold public meetings/ forums
  • Market and promote sector events, goods and services
  • Provide on-line vodcasts and podcasts of arts people and events
  • Profile artists’ work on websites etc.

Support artists' income generation

  • Secure philanthropy/sponsorship (financial & in-kind) for artist grants and other support programs
  • Manage artists’ grants from governments, funding bodies and the private sector
  • Secure beneficial legislation and policies with economic implications – tax, royalties, copyright, social security, artists' fees, superannuation etc

Sector representation

  • Represent Australia on key international organisations e.g. International Dance Support Group, World Dance Alliance, International Association of Art, International Music Council, and at international meetings and events
  • Represent the sector on boards and committees in Australia
  • Provide representation for the sector at key meetings.