Restless Dance Theatre’s Junction project

Junction is an artist exchange program initiated by Restless Dance Theatre to support and promote the development of new independent work. Piloting this program is independent artist Tobiah Booth-Remmers who is being mentored by Carol Wellman Kelly through the national JUMP mentoring program.

The Junction project—supporting emerging and established artists while generating pathways for potential new collaborations between disabled and non-disabled artists. Photo: Chris Herzfeld. Dancers: Ashley Berry & Jianna Georgiou

The Necessary Games films recently toured as part of the ReelDance Australia and New Zealand Awards Program 2010 and have since been shown in the International Film Festivals around the globe. These three films feature dancers from the Youth Ensemble and were directed by Sophie Hyde, in collaboration with three different choreographers who have all worked with Restless in the past.

Necessity (part of Necessary Games) Photo: Matt Nettheim, Dancers: Kyra Kimpton & Dana Nance

The Touring Company is also working on a new production In-habit – nature versus nurture (working title) with guest choreographer/director Dean Walsh. As a result of a recent Bundanon Trust residency, adaptation remains the surfacing dominant theme of the work with notions & stories of mutation and inhabitation further contextualising it.

From In-habit (working title)—a work-in-progress. Photo: Heidrun Lohr