​Meeting the future head-on

Can you even remember life before the internet? Hang on, perhaps you weren’t alive.

The digital domain has transformed almost every facet of our lives—but for those of us in the arts, it’s been especially influential in the way we make and consume art. In many ways there have never been more ways to get your art out there, and the artistic possibilities of new technologies are seemingly endless…but life for dance in the digital domain is not without its challenges.

Cue Ausdance National’s National Dance Forum of 2017: Dance in the Digital Domain, September 25–26 at the Victoria College of the Arts. The NDF is the dance sector’s pre-eminent gathering of dance makers, producers, educators and artists. Every two years, for two packed days, people from all over Australia come together to discuss dance and its place within the larger cultural context. This year Ausdance National has come up with an absolute cracker of a program—two days packed with lively debate and engaging addresses from some key names in Australian arts. 

Wesley Enoch, renowned playwright and director of the Sydney Festival will be giving the keynote address examining dance in a broader cultural context within the Australian arts landscape. Expect feathers to be gently ruffled by one of the leading provocateurs of Australian arts! The erudite Professor David Throsby, arts economist, will lead a panel about digital distribution—essential knowledge for contemporary arts practitioners or presenters. On Day two choreographer, artist and filmmaker Sue Healey will present a keynote about hybrid arts practice while Shane Carroll leads a panel about incorporating the digital into dance education.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, teacher or all of the above, come prepared to be stimulated, challenged and inspired. National Dance Forum 2017 is all about meeting the future head-on and taking timely advantage of the possibilities offered up by this brave new world of ever-changing technology. Are you ready?

Tickets for the National Dance Forum are strictly limited. To purchase tickets head to National Dance Forum 2017.