Following up the National Cultural Policy ministerial meeting

ABC Radio National is preparing a series of programs about the arts and cultural policy from 1968 to the present day in a series will go to air within Artworks, their Sunday morning arts program.

On Friday the ABC called us to discuss what's in the National Cultural Policy and how it might impact on the dance sector. They also asked about major historical moments in contemporary dance in the last 25 years, so it was good to be able to pinpoint several positive moments, and to say why we thought it was important to have a national cultural policy.

It was interesting to have to review—through a very long lens—the rise of small companies and independent dance, the profile of Indigenous dance, dance education and training, new funding models, and then the impact all this has had on our culture. We also suggested the producers speak to artists about their perspectives, so some of you may expect a call soon!

Today we sent the report of the ArtsPeak meeting with Minister Crean to companies and tertiary dance directors, and thanked Senator Kate Lundy for attending the meeting and showing such interest in the arts, although they are outside her portfolio responsibilities. Kate is a Senator for the ACT, and is Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, and we consider her support and advice to be very important to the arts.