Our new website is here

Hello. Thanks for joining us. Finally we're alive. Bet you were wondering what we've been doing!

Well, last year we talked to our dance partners and contributors about what information they wanted, needed and expected from our website. We also looked at the amazing work they had written and we'd published over the last 10+ years. A lot of it was very interesting and answered many questions, but it was trapped on paper collecting dust on the shelf. We also realised that we spent a lot of time making things happen with not much time left to tell you about it along the way.

We made a list of the things you said you wanted—like more good news stories, business and teaching guides, ways to find and contact others with similar interests, more discussion and debate and ways to get involved (we hope you meant that last bit).

And finally we searched for the right creative and strategic talent to help us put it all together on a website for you to enjoy and use. They've made something beautiful and clever. We hope you like it, and if you don't, we hope you'll find the time to tell us how we can improve it.

We've got an exciting calendar of articles, fact sheets and good news stories planned. So go to the homepage and subscribe to the newsletter. If you like to Like or Tweet, join us on Facebook or Twitter to keep updated.

Thank you

Our contributors, partners and network—for your ideas and expertise. Although you are always busy, you make time to support proposals, give feedback, co-write papers for submissions, sign petitions, collaborate on publications and advocate for dance locally.

The Ausdance National team

Leanne Craig for working on and caring about the website and taking the challenge to learn something new almost every day. Ask her about Picnik. Leanne will be bringing you more factsheets, news and journal articles.

Julie Dyson for saying yes and for her enthusiasm and willingness to embrace new things. She has been an advocate for making this website and loves bringing you news. Julie will be getting you involved in a campaign soon.

Tamara Mckee for her advice, expertise and making the finances happen.

The Newism team

Saving the best till last—Leevi at Newism. We couldn't have done this without your brilliant brain! You and your team are awesome to work with!