2017 Ausdance National Council—call for nominations

Nominations are called for the new Ausdance National Council for the positions of President, Vice Presidents (two), Treasurer and three ordinary Council Members. Following is some information to assist you in finalising your nominations.

Call for nominations: 2017 Ausdance National CouncilWe are seeking eight outstanding Australians to lead Ausdance National in the future. It is time for generational change, to consider new ways of shaping and supporting professional dance in Australia. 

Please consider the following:

  • Skills & experience—the Council needs to include outstanding individuals that have demonstrated skills, experience and knowledge in specific areas and will contribute to good governance and the future development of Ausdance National and dance in Australia
  • Location—the Council should reflect the breadth of dance activity across Australia. Selection should not be based on location only.
  • Diversity—the Council should also reflect our wider community with an appropriate gender mix, together with considerations of age and cultural diversity.

Selection criteria

These are the sorts of criteria that we will be seeking to address for new Council members:

General criteria—all Council Members

  • A commitment to the development of Australian dance
  • A commitment to the mission and aims of Ausdance National
  • Proven ability to think strategically in a changing and dynamic environment
  • High-level skills, knowledge and experience that will significantly contribute to the good governance and future vision of Ausdance National and the Ausdance network
  • Extensive networks and contacts

Additional criteria—President & Vice Presidents

  • Demonstrated leadership skills & experience
  • An awareness of funding and arts sector structures and organisations
  • Availability to support the staff and operations

Additional Criteria—Treasurer

  • Demonstrated skills and experience, including appropriate qualifications, in accounting and financial management
  • Availability to support the staff and operations
  • Areas of expertise

The Council should attract:

  • A National Executive of outstanding leaders in the community with extensive networks and contacts. The Executive should include at least one individual who has experience in a senior role within the professional dance sector.
  • Senior dance artists, arts managers and producers
  • A qualified CPA or Chartered Accountant
  • Law professionals
  • Marketing, public relations and communications experts
  • Senior staff from the tertiary and/or education sector
  • Senior corporate and/or government (non-arts) representatives
  • Experts from areas including technology, human resources, business development 

Nominations due    

Nominations must be received on the nomination form (13 KB Word doc) by Friday 17 February 2017. Please forward nominations by email to Interim National President Shane Colquhoun.

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