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Dance people share personal and inspirational experiences

Diedre Atkinson’s 2006 Australian Youth Dance Festival experience

Diedre Atkinson, a teacher at John Curtain College of the Arts, accompanied her students to several Australian Youth Dance Festivals. She described the AYDF as "an irreplaceable experience in the students’ development and discovery of dance. Total immersion in dance through participation in workshops, choreographic process, observation, performances, reflection and evaluation results in an intensive learning experience, and opens eyes wide to so many more possibilities".

Samara Cunningham’s 2004 AYDF experience

When Samara Cunningham attended the 2004 AYDF she was a Perth-based independent artist. Samara graduated from WAAPA with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) in 1998. In this article she shares her experience of the Festival's choreographic development process and performance outcome.

Dame Peggy: memories of a life in dance

Historians of the future will be able to tell us much about the founding and ongoing evolution of The Australian Ballet. There is however another story to be told: one that survives in the recollections and feelings of those who were part of its making.

Artists—the new elite

Professor Susan Street presented the eighth Dame Peggy Van Praagh Memorial Address alongside David McAllister, Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet. She explores some of the major challenges faced by the dance sector and reflects on some of the achievements.

Heritage and heresy

Ross Stretton talks passionately from a performer's persepctive about the challenge for dancers to keep the dance personal, how not to lose the individual dance heritage under the weight of the collective heritage, and to embrace change.

A nation knowing its past

Keith Bain OAM talks about the importance of knowing our history so that we can understand our present. A history that can reveal the interconnections, the progress and the moments of change in the unfolding story of dance in Australia.

Great artistic mentors

Meryl Tankard pays tribute to Peggy van Praagh, and to all those influential individuals who have enriched her life—professionally and personally—with their own knowledge.

The politics of dance—policy, process and practice

Peter Brinson poses three questions: Why should there be a politics of dance? What political case for dance should dancers be advocating in today's circumstances? and What kind of political agenda should dancers develop to advance this case through the exercise of dance power?

Vision, perseverance and courage

Marilyn Rowe pays tribute to the woman who not only had an enormouse impact on Marilyn peronally, but whose creative influence fostered and nurtured Australian talent, and who imbued her dancers with a confidence and belief in themselves which allowed them to excell both nationally and internationally.

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