We represent the Australian dance profession.

A talented, multi-skilled and internationally admired group of dance professionals who perform, create, present, teach, educate, write and research.

We work to:

  • Communicate the valuable contribution dance makes to the lives of all Australians.
  • Support sustainable careers through industry partnerships and skills development programs.
  • Share best practice standards for safe dance, teaching methodology and business practice.
  • Foster international networks that provide career opportunities for Australian dance artists.
  • Encourage discussion about the value and purpose of dance by publishing writing, research and good news.

Annual reports

Current goals

Sustainable careers for dance artists See how we are achieving this goal

The dancer’s performing life is highly focused, demanding dedicated vocational training from an early age, and it depends on time-consuming creative and physical regimes. Dance artists, in contrast with other artists, are particularly challenged when it comes to professional career development.