How does public liability insurance protect me?

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Public Liability insurance is a must-have for dance teachers and studios.

You’re teaching a dance class when suddenly there’s a crash. You turn around to see that an audience member has slipped and fallen. They may have been injured and need medical attention. They’re embarrassed and saying things like they’re going to sue you because the floors are too slippery. What would you do?

Many dance instructors need public liability insurance in order to teach. Some may get it because it’s a requirement for them to hire lesson space, while others may take out this cover to make sure their business is protected if there is an accident. In the slipping example above, public liability insurance would offer you peace of mind and protection from a negligence claim that arose from injury (or property damage) to your clients or the general public.

Also, holding sufficient public liability insurance is more important as we become an increasingly litigious society. In the earlier example, there may have been attempts by the dance teacher to make the studio safe by leaving wet floor signs nearby or putting mats at entryways, etc. But while these steps can assist in preventing a claim, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop third parties from assuming you’re at fault in some way.

‘Unfortunately, we hear all too often about business owners who’ve been accused of negligence by a third party and are seeking compensation for costs incurred after an accident. This has even been the case when there’s been little evidence that the business owner was at fault.’

Giselle Levens, Dance Insurance Manager, Aon

The consequence of not having appropriate insurance in place is that the business owner might need to pay for legal representation for defence against a claim and, as a worst case, be found liable to pay for the damages awarded by the courts as well. Would you be able to continue running your business if you had these unexpected expenses?

Having adequate insurance is vital to keeping your business operating. A key advantage of dealing with an insurance broker like Aon is that we help make sure you have the right insurance solution for your business needs while also offering practical advice that assists you in preventing claims. Being appropriately covered is one important way to keep your business safe, so don’t leave it until it’s too late to discuss your risk management needs with your broker.

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